Son Lágrimas Negras – Hermanos Peña

Lagrimas Negras – Black Tears (Traditional Cuban Folk Song).


Even though you have abandoned me
Even though all my illusions have already died
Instead of cursing you with justified bitterness
In my dreams I cover you with blessings

You want to leave me
I don’t want to suffer
I’m going with you, my holy one
Even if it costs me death

But very clearly, I feel, my dark one,
And one day you will know, too
That I loved you with total faith
No one else could ever love you more than me

I have seen in those eyes
Black tears, my love
Black tears like mirrors
That reflect my own sorrow

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Jorge and Luis Peña Acosta, Los Hermanos Peña, are professional musicians from Cuba. They have performed in Europe many times and they worked for four years in Spain in Palma de Mallorca. They perform regularly at the Brisas Santa Lucia in th Camaguey, Cuba. Canadians and Europeans return yearly to see these personable and talented performers. Jorge and Luis love their music, culture, and country, but they welcome invitations to perform internationally. For more information, please contact Jani at [email protected]

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