Santa Lucia Luntana

Giuseppe Di Stefano

Santa Lucia Far awaySanta Lucia referrers to an area of Naples on the bay. This is a new version of mine with some nice pictures of Naples and my English translation in the subtitles via Closed Caption. This is a beautiful rendition by GDS I hope you enjoy it.


The ships are leaving
For far away lands.
The Neapolitans sing on board.
They sing while in the sunset
the bay disappears
and the moon, above the sea
lets them see
a glimpse of Naples.

Santa Lucia
far away from you
what melancholy!
We circle the whole world,
we go to seek our fortunes,
but when the moon rises,
far away from Naples
you cannot stay away.

And they play their instruments
but their hands
tremble on the strings.
How many memories,
how many memories.
my heart cannot heal
not even with those songs;
hearing those voices and that music,
I begin to cry
because I
want to return!

Neapolitan Lyrics :

Partono ‘e bastimente
Pe terra assaje luntane
Cantano a buordo e sò napulitane
Cantano pe tremente
‘O golfo già scumpare
‘E a luna, in miezz’o mare
‘Nu poco ‘e Napule le fà vedè

Santa lucia luntano ‘a te
Quanta malincunia!

Se gira ‘o munno sanno
Se và a cercà fortuna
Ma quanno spunta’ luna
Luntano ‘e napule nun se può stà!

Santa lucia luntano ‘a te
Quanta malincunia!

E sognano mare ‘n mane
Tremano ‘ncoppa ‘e corde
Quante ricorde, ahimè,
Quante ricorde!
E’ o core nun ‘o sace
Nemmeno cum’e canzone
Sentenno voce e suone
Se mette a chiagnere cà vò turnà!

Santa Lucia tu tiene
Solo ‘nu poco ‘e mare
Ma cchiù luntano staje
Cchiù bella pare!

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