Canto Popolare Lucano – Trasmissione Tv del 1977

Lucania  was an ancient area of southern Italy. It was the land of the Lucani, an Oscan people. It extended from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Gulf of Taranto. It bordered with Samnium and Campania in the north, Apulia in the east, and Bruttium in the south-west—at the top of the peninsula which now called Calabria. It thus comprised almost all the modern region of Basilicata, the southern part of the province of Salerno (the Cilento area) and a northern portion of the province of Cosenza. The precise limits were the river Silarus in the north-west, which separated it from Campania, and the Bradanus, which flows into the Gulf of Taranto, in the east. The lower tract of the river Laus, which flows from a ridge of the Apennine Mountains to the Tyrrhenian Sea in an east-west direction, marked part of the border with Bruttium.

Canto Popolare Lucano - 1977
Canto Popolare Lucano – 1977
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