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Traditional Irish Music by “The Ghillies” danse Kesh jig , Eddy kelly (jig) et Drowsy Maggie (reel). Ghillie’s,crée en 2012, est un groupe de cinq musiciens tourangeaux qui se sont retrouvés autour de leur passion pour la musique traditionnelle.

Traditional Irish Music by The Ghillies

Kolo Croatian folk dance Croatian dance traditionally refers to a series of folk-dances, the most common being the Kolo. Croatian…

Croatian folk dance – Kolo

Native Americans – Traditional War Dance. The Traditional War Dance is performed by Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Jr. and his family comes from the Prairie Band Indian reservation in Kansas.

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Native Americans Music

Native Americans – Traditional War Dance

Nuku Nuku - Ancient Finnish Lullaby. Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu is an Ancient Finnish Lullaby.bThis is the lullaby I sang to my daughter when she went to sleep and my grandmother used to sing it to me.

Nuku Nuku – Ancient Finnish Lullaby

Traditional Irish Music - Flute and Fiddle. Tim & Marie McHugh -- 'Billy Brocken's', 'McFadden's Own' & 'McFadden's Favourite'. Geantrai 2013 from The Merry Monk in Ballina, Co. Mayo with Joe Byrne.

Traditional Irish Music – Flute and Fiddle