Nuku Nuku – Ancient Finnish Lullaby

Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu is an Ancient Finnish Lullaby.

This is the lullaby I sang to my daughter when she went to sleep and my grandmother used to sing it to me.

I recorded this video last Christmas as a gift to my daughter. I wanted her to have something that would connect her to the generations of strong Finnish women that came before us.

I later realized that we started the recording at the exact moment of the Winter Solstice on December 21, when darkness shifts toward light. My grandmother used to say that after the solstice the day is one rooster step longer… The word solstice comes from latin and it means “Sun Stands Still”. When the first kantele (Finnish Folk Harp) was played for the first time, the sound was so beautiful that all living things started to cry and even the sun and the moon stood still to listen to this beautiful music.

This is my first recording after many years of silence and maybe , just as the darkness shifts toward light, for me, too, this is a new beginning.

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